Cristiano Ronaldo of Man Utd VS Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid

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Cristiano Ronaldo is surely one of the most amazing players in the history of the game, what he did and accomplished in his career is spectacular,it all started for him when he moved from sporting Lisbon to Manchester United, he then spent some wonderfull years there, where he won his first ballon d’or and Champions league, in the summer of 2009, RealMadrid came for him, he still plays for them, but the thing is: people are starting to compare the Manchester United Ronaldo and the RealMadrid Ronaldo, so who was better? and what’s the difference between the two versions?

  • At Manchester United:
We witnessed a more diverse Ronaldo at United, he had the pace and the skill to dribble players, his technical ability was second to none in the Premier League and that’s what made him superior to other players, his freekicks were rockets, and the entire team helped him achieve that. He was more than just a goal scorer, his position allowed him to do those nice tricks, to sum it up, he used to entertain the fans.
  • At RealMadrid:
Goals, goals, goals and more goals, he transformed into this goal scoring machine, he stopped doing the entertainment part, and focused more on scoring goals, he wanted to become a part of RealMadrid’s history by becoming their all-time goal scorer, by winning them trophies, he traded skills with efficiency and trophies, he kept some of his old self, but as the direct competitor of Lionel Messi, he had to make a choice, and he chose the one with the goals, age played a role as well, he lost some of his paces, and with that changed his position to become more of a striker than a winger.

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano wasn’t better when he was with United, just different. The two versions of himself are just him adapting to his age, La Liga requirements, but both are fantastic.
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